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Digital Transformation

About Us

We Provide
Infrastructure Needs

Our company was founded in 2010 by industry veterans with a vision of a pure-play tower company with straight forward mission of meeting the infrastructure needs of wireless service providers.

We Build Connectivity

Wireless technology connects people, devices and networks endlessly throughout the world. We are committed to make this vision possible. Our multi-tenant leasing model offers communications sites that bridge the communication gap, keeping people and industries connected and stay in touch without barriers.

We Get Your Signal On Air

Our site are home to cellular and wireless, radio and television broadcast, microwave and two-way radio communication equipment. Our towers support the networks of our wide range of customers, helping them increase their coverage and capacity acquisition.

We Are More Than Towers

Where network connectivity is necessary and towers are not available, we provide a number of alternative in-building and outdoor solutions. We help to keep people and businesses connected no matter where their activities take place.

We Grow To Meet Demand

The demand for mobile device connectivity is exploding and more sites will be necessary to keep people connected. We have anticipated this need & are constantly growing our portfolio to satisfy the needs of our customers.

We Are A Long-Term Partner

Our business is based upon long-term relationships with our customers, property owners and investors. We are committed to developing a shared success relationship with our partners. We are grounded in the needs of today but are always looking forward and planning for the needs of tomorrow.

We Do Things The Right Way

Integrity and accountability are important to us. We value our assets, the communities we operate in and our people. We respect our natural resources and habitats while promoting environmentally conscious business strategies.

Vision & Mission

We Deliver
World Class Quality

To be the largest and most recognized Malaysian telecommunications infrastructure provider, delivering world class quality and cutting-edge technologies with an emphasis on network provider neutrality for the benefit of end consumers.


Improve the quality of life of the people of Malaysia


Create great, high income, knowledge-based careers


Drive growth and transformation of Malaysia into a knowledge-based country


Champion technological evolution


Our Leasing

We are passionate about what we do, and we are committed to providing value to our customers. We’re dreamers with dedication and experience to breathe life into our customer's needs.

Small Cell


Distributed Anthena
Systems - DAS


Partner with Us

Prospective Leaseholder

We are looking forward to partnering with landowners who are interested in leasing their land for communications site development. As a practice, Bullish Aim welcomes any inquiries or submittals for individual, private or corporate land parcels. The locations where we build or develop new tower sites are determined by the needs and requirements of our customers.


Tower Owners

We are committed to growing our portfolio of towers so customers can make the best selection to optimize their wireless networks. At Bullish Aim, we are always looking for new strategies to expand our portfolio through the acquisition of existing towers. We welcome the opportunity to acquire your towers.

Tower Acquisitions

Bullish Aim has the experience in acquiring towers and a proven track record of quick project closure under the agreed terms. Our reputation is very important to us, so whether we are acquiring one tower or thousands, we strive to treat all sellers with fairness, integrity and respect.

To ensure successful transactions, each seller will deal with a specific member of our acquisition staff, who will be your first point of contact ensuring that the seller gets an efficient and pleasant transaction.

If you are considering selling your towers, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Tower Marketing and Management

We seize the opportunity to work directly with tower owners and developers to help them achieve a greater investment return from their assets. Bullish Aim is always prepared to market and manage your towers, providing you with new revenue streams in long term.

Board of Directors

Our Board of Directors

D.Y.A.M Tunku Ismail Ibni D.Y.M.M Sultan Ibrahim
Dato' Lion Peh
Mohamad Naifuddin Bin Bujang Mohidin
Tan Boon Seng


Managing Director / Joint Chief Executive Officer

Executive Director / Joint Chief Executive Officer



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