Our Leasing


Our business is to deliver wireless communications and broadcast network infrastructure. Our portfolio, combined with our multiple tenant leasing model, allows us to provide you with a diverse array of towers, with locations and heights to fit your coverage needs throughout the state. Let our operational experience and dedication grow to your needs as well as help you optimize your broadcast and wireless tower networks. We have niche capabilities to build towers to suit your specific needs.

Small Cells

In addition to our traditional large-scale macro solution, Bullish Aim can also offer Small Cell solutions as a part of our comprehensive network deployment approach. These solutions expand network coverage and capacity to an existing network or smaller, micro scale.

Small Cell technology allows us to establish targeted capacity relief to compliment a customer's existing wireless network. We work closely with building owners to facilitate wireless carrier tenant lease agreements and maintain ongoing management responsibilities, so your single point of contract remains with us. Our advancement in the real estate and telecommunication industries makes us an ideal partner. We can support the interests of both customers and building owners alike. We continue to streamline and simplify our collocation process so you can install and get on air quickly and easily.


These days, the expectation of Wi-Fi coverage has become an important universal need. People have a high demand for Wi-Fi services in retail stores, offices, restaurants and other venues to allow them to remain connected through wireless communication. Wi-Fi networks also allow for the off-loading of data from the traditional cellular network. Available as an addition to one of our in-building or outdoor Distributed Antenna System (DAS) networks, our Wi-Fi solutions provide fast and robust Wi-Fi connectivity in your facility, building or campus.

Distributed Antenna System - DAS

Training and developing skills and knowledge related to underground utility mapping and latest technology.

Distributed Antenna System - Outdoor DAS

Capture and map the natural relief of the ground, details, as-built and man-made structures using total station, GNSS and other survey equipment.